My Beautiful Grands

 My Grandson at just 6 weeks old

 My new grand daughter 3-26-11


My Grandson's Tummy Time

 My Granddaughters Tummy Time

 The Original Famous Yawn

 Grammer Loves Me Yawn

He's got the cutest little baby face yawn...

 Just Chillin'

 Surfer Dude

 Not so tough guy Mohawk

  The eyes have it

 Yummo...a feast just for me.

 Grammers Handsome Fella

 Grammer is going to spend her vacation with me

 Fun day with mommy

 Fun day with daddy

 Grammer...look what I can do

 Hey...look what I've discovered

 Grammer...I love the ball pit

 Why am I so darn cute?

 I can touch my tootsies Grammer

 Skyping with Grammer

 Good day Grammer

 I'm enjoying my new playroom

 Three Fabulous Generations

 The BIG #1

 Yummo birthday cupcake

 Let's see what happens when I smack grandpa in the eye

 Grandpa still loves me...see him holding my hand

 Grammer I had a tough day

 My Beautiful Family

 I'm a bad boy on my pimped up ride

 Pumpkin pickin' with Obaasan and Ojiisan...grandparents from Japan

 First Ski Lesson-who knew there was ski's this small

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