Monday, June 25, 2007

Kristi's Challenge

I sent Kristi some small clear boxes and challenged her to see what idea's she could come up with and she sent me not one...or two...but three great ideas...she also made me a cute little thank you card made with googly eyes...Kristi did it in Black and white...if you changed the colours around a little it would make a great halloween card...Thank You did a great job.

For all the boxes Kristi made a little box from cardstock to fit inside...The first box is filled with burgandy potpourri and is done in a cream card stock and the tag is made with a cream and burgandy card stock...and says "for you"...the little handle on top is tied with cream ribbon and gold cording.

The second box is very! very! cute and is for a baby card stock is used for the little box inside...the tag uses pink and white card stock...and says "100% pure Baby" and has the letter "B"...inside the box is shredded card stock in pink and white, and the cutest little hair bands for baby...there is also some little bands that I believe is to hold baby's pacifier, so they don't get lost...and the little handle on top has pink and white grosgrain ribbons tied to it.

The third box is a very clever idea...the little box inside is made with orange card is filled with lots of colourful balloons...this is used as an invitation to a water balloon cute is that...the invite is printed on white card stock that is taped to a green card stock that have water drops stamped onto it...the little handle has an assortment of colourful grosgrain ribbons that have been slightly shredded in lite yellow, purple, and green.

I want to thank you again Kristi for the wonderful job you did with the challenge...which gave us more great ideas.

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