Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tsune and Titi's Memory Album

Carol and I didn't finish any of the many stampin' projects we have in the works...a couple of times we were sidetracked or just chatting too much...LOL...but I did want to share this with everyone since I now have the time too ...and it's a very special project...I love it...and hope you will too.

My daughters in-laws took so much time and thought in putting together this memory album...I had to share it with has made me want to do more work on my memory albums...and this beautiful album puts me to shame...because it was Sanae's first attempt at putting something like this together...and I must say...she did a beautiful job...and I hope everyone agrees with me on that...I'm sure you will when you see the rest of it.

So I thought I would share this wonderful scrapbook that was made for my daughter, Titi and her husband, Tsune by his cousin Sanae who lives in Japan...the album was welcoming Titi to the family...and as you can see a lot of thought and love went into putting it together.

I didn't take pics of every page...but I think I should wouldn't have been bored at all... but the album was absolutely gorgeous and very! very! special...what a beautiful gift to have received...if I get a chance this weekend, maybe I will take a couple more pics of the pages to share.

I don't know the name of any of the supplies used since this memory album was made in Japan and the supplies purchased there also...but check it out and see what I mean when I say this was a very special gift.

By the way...this was the first attempt of this very talented artist to do a memory album...Sanae what a beautiful! beautiful job...all I can say is WOW...and double WOW.

Even though we don't know the supplies that was used it would be very easy to recreate a memory album like this and customize it to your specific needs...something like this is one of a kind anyway...that is what makes it so special and so beautiful.

I hope Sanae has inspired everyone to create something special today or in the coming days...I know that I am Inspired and going to get right to creating something special and hope my memory album is half as wonderful...and as beautiful as Sanae's.

Thank You Sanae for making this for my daughter and Tsune...and giving her such a loving and warm welcome into your family...we are all touched to now being one family...and I look forward to coming to Japan and meeting everyone soon.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today and sharing this with me...have a stampin' good day.

BIG stampin' HUGS

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