Saturday, January 26, 2008

Look what I did again...

Oops...I did it again...and I Luv...Luv...Luv it as much as I did the first time I did it...LOL...and it is great. I got Many Happy Returns...which is a 3 piece set and turned it into a 33 piece cool is that...LUV it...I used some more of those little wood blocks from my local dollar shop and again it worked great.

There is quite a few that can be used for Valentines day...the sentiment "Tickled Pink" had to be put on the larger side of the wood block, because it is a lot wider than the rest of the other pieces...but even that wasn't a problem because it stopped the rest of the stamps from falling it actually worked out shifting of the stamps in the box.

If you can see in the pics...I tried to show you how much wider the "Tickled Pink is...thanks for stopping by today...I have a class tonight and have to finish up my's going to be a cold one stay warm and toasty.

Have a stampin' good day...Luv ya' all.

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