Tuesday, July 22, 2008


OMG...what a long week this has been without a computer...and the fact that I've lost everything didn't help matters any...all my loved patterns and templates are gone forever...I've been sick over the entire situation...but I've learned my lesson (a very hard one)...and this time Nick the computer guy also got me a back up flash drive to save all my important (and not so important) information..almost all(99%) my patterns and templates can't be replaced...learn from me...back up your info.

A very big THANK YOU to my darling daughter who did that last cute post for me to let everyone know that I had not abandoned my blog...but that the situation wasn't under my control...thank you all for being patient and I hope that you will return again to share our idea's and projects.

Lucky Carol is away on vacation with her family and didn't have to listen to me crying everyday about my 'puter misfortune(LOL)...hope your all having fun in Florida.

I hope to start adding some cards and projects to the site this week...I just need a couple of days to familiarize myself with this new computer and without my daughter here to help me...it might take me longer than I hope...LOL.

Thanks again...and it's great to be back...have a stampin' good evening.

Stampin HUGS

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