Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Favorite LSS

Last week Carol and I went to our favorite LSS in Westport to do some new years retail therapy...plus we felt that we should help get 2010 retail industry to a great start...LOL...here are a couple of the goodies I was able to snag. 

This is the cute ribbons I bought to do some valentine projects...love those sheer ribbons...and some wonderful designer papers too.

I also added some more Copics to my collection...I didn't have a glue pen so I bought one of those...a dark brown Memento Ink had to be added too...and more designer papers.

I had to add my absolutely favorite stick girls to my shopping basket...and of course more designer papers.

I love these stamps from Magenta...somehow they hopped into my basket too...geez more designer papers jumped in with the stamps too.

I had to get some sentiments to go with the stamps also...SURPRISE!!! more designer papers.

A couple more Magenta stamps seemed to have slide off the shelf into my basket...and to keep their company was a few more sheets of designer papers.

I had to have this cuppy cake stamp from Outlines...did you notice the designer papers underneath my stamp?...LOL.

I just had to show you the papers one more time...LOL...I couldn't get them all in this pic but you got to see all of them earlier...there was so many beautiful papers...I just had to have them...and I promise to use all of them this year...no saving them for a rainy day.

We had a little trouble on the road with the snow coming down...it was very slippery and instead of taking two hours to get there...I think it was a three hour trip...we almost turned back, but we were looking forward to this trip all week...coming home was a little better...anyway we had so much fun and we love our new goodies...it more than made up for the aggravation of getting there...a BIG shout out and thank you to Judy for insisting on showing us the new products that ended up in our baskets...hehehehe!!!

Thanks everyone for droppin' in and sharing our little donation to the economy...Carol and I are better than a stimulus package...LOL.

Enjoy your morning and I hope everyone has a stampin' good day.

Stampin' HUGZ

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