Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Ribbon Rack

I finally got my ribbon rack off the floor and onto the has been sitting in the same spot since I purchased it last year...I can't believe I have so much ribbon...this was a good thing to do yesterday.

Some of the packaged ribbons I didn't put in a jar...I tacked them up on the side of the rack...with a couple pairs of extra they're in eye view to remind me to use them.

The rack is 35 1/2" long...and 48 1/2" tall.

The ribbons on the last three tiers are brand new and haven't even been open and used yet.

This small rack is my original ribbon rack...even for it's small size it held a lot of ribbons...this rack is about 14 1/2" long...and 26 1/2" tall.

More absolutely gorgeous sheer ribbons...these I have stored in my Stampin' Up ribbon holder...which I outgrew very quickly.

I have two jars of ribbons that I rolled onto clothes pins or embroidery card boards.

The third jar is loose ribbons that aren't long enough to I just put them in the jars and grab them when I need just a small piece.

The ribbons in these two drawers are waiting to be organized and given a permanent new home.

Whew...what a lot of ribbon...lets hope that I don't here about a ribbon convention or show that they are all out in the open I see what I have...and as I said before...I sure don't need to buy anymore...RIGHT!!!...LOL.

Thanks for droppin' by this morning and sharing my big work project with was a great project to do on a gloomy Friday morning...but it needed to be done...I'm glad that's over with...enjoy the rainy Saturday morning...I hope you all have a stampin' good for a cup of hot tea.

Stampin' HUGZ

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Julie said...

Beverly,I am soooooo jealous,takes me ages to find the right ribbon and when I do it sometimes needs a visit from my iron! You are such a lucky girlie! x

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