Monday, October 17, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness and Giuliana

I saw this announcement on TV this lucky is Giuliana that her doctor made her have a mammogram before starting her invitro...I wish her all the best...remember to get your mammogram...the life you save may just be your own.

Giuliana Rancic says she has breast cancer

NEW YORK (AP) — "E! News" co-host Giuliana Rancic (RAN'sik) says she has early stages of breast cancer.

The 37-year-old made the announcement Monday on NBC's "Today" show.

Rancic says the cancer was discovered during a mammogram while she was undergoing a third round of in-vitro fertilization in an effort to get pregnant.

Rancic says she will have surgery this week, followed by six and one-half weeks of radiation therapy.

She is married to Bill Rancic, winner of the first season of "The Apprentice."

Rancic says she still wants to get pregnant because "this baby will have saved my life."

I hope you all have a stampin' good time.

Stampin' HUGZ


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