Friday, December 30, 2011

In Loving Memory of Lynette

In Loving Memory
Lynette Gwendolyn Knight

Sunrise: April 10th, 1922
Sunset: December 30th, 2003

We thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday and days before that too.
We think of you in silence,
We often speak your name.
Now all we have are memories and your pictures in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake with which we'll never part.
God has you in his keeping,
We have you in our hearts.
They say there is a reason,
they say that time will heal.
But neither time or reason will change the way we feel.
No one knows the heartache that lies beyond our smiles.
No one knows how many times we have broken down and cried.
We want to tell you something so that there will be no doubt.
You're so wonderful to think of,
but so hard to live without.
They say that time will heal all wounds and help us to forget.
But time has only proved to us how much we miss you yet.

Mommie...Grammer...we all miss and love you.

Your daughter, Son, Granddaughter, Son-in-law, Great Grandchildren and Family.

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