Thursday, July 19, 2007

Supply Closet Makeover

I didn't get a chance to stamp today...spent the entire morning reorganizing my supply closet...Carol and I may be putting some of our stampin' stuff up for all these years of stampin' we have never sold any of our sets...this will be a tough call...if we actually do it...LOL...I put my sets in baskets and cute really came out looking nice and neat.

I have containers for all the brads and eyelets...stacks of extra papers...containers of dymo labeling tag machine has it's own little container with extra labels and batteries...a cute little basket for my s/u adhesive refills...on the very top I put all my photo's that I plan to scrapbook some day into those great photo boxes fav magazines that I use for inspiration I put in folders from staples and filed them by year...for my little accessories...small odds and ends, I purchased some of those great containers for jewelry that have the dividers in them...whew!!!...that was a lot of work for the today...LOL...tell us how do you organize all your goodies.

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