Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lisa's Girls Scrapbook

One of the ladies at work had lots of pics of her girls and asked me to put them in a scrapbook for her...she has three beautiful girls and this is a few of the pages I came up with.

Her three beautiful girls.

A page that has daddy and mommy sharing time with the girls.

The girls love to play dress up.


Like daughters.

The littlest sister.

Summer down by the sea.

This sisters love and favorite past time are horses.

Gymnast and talented piano player.

Ava loves to dance.

School play.

A priceless photo op.

It's hard to capture the personalities of someone elses children when you don't know them...but it was so much fun doing this album...I hope she likes took me about four days to put this together...I had to look for special little accessories like the horse stickers and somethings I just couldn't horse dance stickers or papers to be found anywhere...but I am pleased with how this turned out.

Thanks for checking in on this post...have a stampin' good evening.

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