Thursday, October 18, 2007

Desi's Plastic Halloween Treat Boxes

I sent Desi these cute little plastic boxes and challenged her to see what she could come up with for them...and she did a fantastic job...I did this challenge a few months ago with another blogger...both styles are different and both idea's are a lot of fun...Desi's first challenge was so adorable and cute I couldn't wait to share this one also.

The goodies in these little plastic boxes look soooooooo good...these boxes would make such cute little gifts for teachers, teacher's aides, your favorite school bus driver, your neighbour's kids, or anyone special you would like to give a little treat to.

I also love the colours Desi's used...but you could change the colours for a Christmas, Fall, or winter treat...Desi thank you again for sharing this very cute challenge...this is another favorite of mine.
If you would like to share this challenge and see what you could do with these cute little plastic boxes...please send me a self addressed, large postage paid envelope, or postage paid priority envelope, and I will send you some of these boxes for you to do a challenge also...I will send enough for you to share your challenge and some to give away as little treats to your favorite ghosts and goblins.
Thanks again Desi...thanks everyone for stopping by...I hope everyone has a wonderful day...we must enjoy it while we still can with this incredible weather...don't forget October is Breast Cancer Awareness yourself...schedule your Mammogram today.
Have a stampin' good day.

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