Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yukiko and Kenzo

Both Yukiko and Kenzo are Shiba Inus.
We were patiently waiting for our mommy to come home from work...ooooooh...we hear the keys in the door.

Hi...I'm Kenzo...Titi and Tsune are my mommy and daddy...and I am Beverley's favorite grand puppy...my grandma is watching me while mommy and daddy are away on vacation...I don't know why I couldn't go too...I would have had a great time hiking through the Rain Forests of Costa Rica also...maybe I couldn't go because I don't have a passport...but I am having a good time with my gram.

Both Kenzo and I are playing and having fun...mommy didn't stamp today...she went straight to bed and is sleeping...she must have had a hard night at work.

Wow...playing is hard work...we are both exhausted...think we will take a little nap also.

I think my mommy usually closes by saying thank you for stopping by our blog, and ...ladies don't forget to do your mammograms this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month... and have a stampin' good day.
How did I do?

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