Monday, May 12, 2008

My Happy Mother's day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope all of you did also...I just have to brag for a just put up with me for a short daughter and son-in-law gave me this GPS...I was so excited and jumping up and down so much that I almost threw up (yuk...LOL)...I have wanted one of these for such a long time...and now I'm the proud owner of this beautiful baby...I love it...thank you Titi and Tsune.

I was so happy with my GPS...that I really didn't expect anything else...but I also got these two lovely plants for the Azalea (left)...and a Rhodedendron (right).

If that wasn't enough...we went to The Brotherhood Winery for a wine tasting tour...first let me say...don't ever drink on an empty stomach at 11am in the morning...especially if your not a drinker (LOL)...but what a great time I had...after the tour the mothers were given a champagne cocktail that was excellent...after the wine tasting...I got the May Wine which was also excellent...I really enjoyed it...and a jar of May Jelly...I will enjoy that with some crackers next weekend when I'm off from work.

We had dinner...and I ended the day with this absolutely delish dark chocolate tiramisu you can see there's not much was awesome.

I had the best Mothers Day ever...Titi and Tsune thank you SO! SO! much for making it special for me...I loved guys are the BEST...I will never forget my special day.
Thanks everyone for putting up with my ramblings this morning...I am off to put together something for tomorrow's post...I hope y'all had an awesome day yesterday too...have a stampin' good day.
Stampin' HUGS

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