Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pear Chutney

This is how I spent the day...I made the last of the pears for my grandson...and my daughter to give to some of her friends...I hope this batch came out as delicious as the last batch...the tree is pretty empty now...and the weather has been so cold at night the rest are probably frozen from the frost during the night...they are so sweet that you would think that I added lots of sugar...but I added none.

I had some pretty pear fabric left over from another project that I used to cover the lids...and green raffia tied into a bow...with the tags hanging off it...absolutely lovely...if I may say so

I also was lucky enough to have a old retired stampin' up pear stamp that I used on my lucky was was perfect for my label.

On the back label I used my sizzix oval for the tag with the instructions...on the back of this tag it lists my ingredients that was fresh pears and a Grammers love...cute...cute...cute.

That was all the stampin' I did was a fun and relaxing morning for me though...thanks for droppin' by and checking out my quick gift...have a great evening...I hope everyone has a stampin' good time and a great weekend.

Stampin' HUGZ

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