Monday, May 30, 2011

Kind of Fun

Happy...Happy...Memorial Day to's pouring here this morning...I heard some thunder and saw lightening earlier...right now it's just pouring rain and windy.

Please take a few minutes to remember our friends down south and those around the world that had a very hard weekend...trying to find loved ones and put their lives and homes back on track...I'm saying a prayer for all of you.

I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend...I hope you all did too...I did eat just a tad too much is the last of the cards that I wanted to share with everyone for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Thanks to all our special service men and women out there that have allowed us all to live the American dream of freedom...thank you all for the sacrifices you and your families have made for us...we could never repay you enough...
Thank You...Thank You....Thank You.

Please have a safe and happy day everyone...thanks for droppin' by...I hope you all have a stampin' good time.

Stampin' HUGZ

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