Sunday, April 1, 2012

Martha's Pretty in Pink First Smash Journal Pages

We had our first Smash class yesterday afternoon and what a fun time we had eating and brainstorming...none of us had ever smashed before...but we got our first set of pages done and left with tons of ideas that we got from each other...this morning I'm sharing Martha's pages that she has started for her journal.

Martha picked this smash journal...Pretty in Pink to work with...the colour doesn't look pink here but it front also has an embossed cover...Martha had a floral and leaf design embossed on hers...each journal was different depending on the colour.

The pages will get more added to it since she is starting it for her upcoming trip to this page will really get smashed when she returns home...I'm already excited to see what she will smash in there...the colours of Santa Fe are bright and earthy at the same time...and this journal will be a treasure to share and keep for a lifetime.

Thanks for stoppin' by this morning and sharing our first Smash Class and Martha's journal with me...Martha did a fantastic job on her first pages...thanks Martha for sharing it with us...I loved it and can't wait to see what it will hold in the future...enjoy the rest of the morning and I hope everyone has a smashing good day.

Smashing HUG

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