Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stampin' Around Jumbo Wheels-1

I didn't do much stamping last week...I spent my time organizing my stampin' wheels...and this is what I came up with...and I totally love it.

I worked on the Jumbo Wheels first...I took all the rubber off the wheels and mounted them onto foam...I put a small label with the name of each wheel on the back...and all I have to do to see what wheel I need is to flip the page...Great!

Love...Love...Love how it looks in the will be much easier to find what I want...when I need it...the jumbo wheels go 4 to a page.

This is the wheels after they've been stripped of the rubber.

I had to wait for the mounting foam to arrive...I was so excited when it finally came...and I was able to start my project.


 My acetate sheets and clear sleeves are from Staples.

I hate this is what I did with the left over foam scraps...I put them back onto the wax paper...I have lots of small unmounted stamps that I bought years and years ago...I will finally mount them...and maybe get a chance to use them great is that.

Thanks so much for droppin' by this morning...enjoy this cool weather it will be leaving us sooner than we think...have a great weekend...and a stampin' good time.

Stampin' HUGZ

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