Monday, August 19, 2013

Stampin Around Builder Wheels-2

I'm still working on my new storage system for my stampin' I want to show you how the builder wheels turned I said yesterday...I'm very happy as to how the storage for them turned out.

I don't have as many of the builder wheels yet...but it looks like about 12 or 13 will fit onto a page...I do have about 12 of them...but they are separated into categories...that's why the page isn't full yet. 

I did have to cut the labels in half because I didn't want them interfering with the stamp sticking to the acrylic block...but there's plenty of room for it to stick without it popping off.

Here is my small basket of stripped wheels...I'm still trying to figure out what will I do with all these blank

Thanks for stoppin' by this morning...hope you enjoyed my organizational skills...LOL!!!...I'm actually having a fun time doing this...who would've a great day everyone...and a stampin' good time.

Stampin' HUGZ

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