Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stampin' Around Standard Wheels-3

Finally I've completed this project...This is what I've had for years...and sometimes forgot to use them...then when Stampin' Up did away with all the pre-coloured ink cartridges...I didn't use them as much except if I happened to have the colour cartridge on hand in the colour that I needed...but that has all

This is how all my wheels are now being stored...on acetate sheets in sleeves and stored in a big binder.

The acetate page page holds about 8 or 9 of the wheels.

The back of the stamp has a label so that I know the name of each stamp.

On my old storage...I had a single  jumbo wheel on the peg...and the standard wheels were 2 to a peg...the builders were 4 to a peg...I've gone from this...

...To just these few left on the board...I had to order another sheet of foam to finish these I'm waiting for it to come.

All my wheels are now unmounted and stored in these two large binders...Fabulous! binder has the Jumbo and Builders...and the other binder has the standard...because I have a lot of them.


This is the leftover use on a few unmounted stamps that I have.

This basket has all the stripped wheels...what in heavens name will I do with all these wheels.

WHEW!!!...all done with that fingers hurt...if you decide to do this...use a hobby blade...much easier than the kraft scissors...thanks so much for stoppin' by and sharing the last of my organizational skills...LOL...have a great day...stay cool...and I hope everyone has a stampin' good time.

Stampin' HUGZ

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