Friday, July 11, 2014

Those Magnetic Albums

Do you remember these magnetic photo albums?...who knew back then when we were preserving our precious memories in them...that they were so dangerous to our pictures...

...the glue eats away at the photos and destroys them...and those magnetic ...plastic covers stick to the pictures and cracks them.

Since I was unable to sleep last night...I spent all night and a good part of the morning removing mine and putting them in Archival Albums...I'm unable to scrapbook them because there's just too I chose to put mine in the photo sleeves instead...
 would take me another lifetime to scrapbook these Throw Back Photos...having enough difficulty scrapping all the photos I have now.
So check those old albums and make sure they're not damaging your precious pictures...have a Fabulous Day...and I hope you all have A Stampin' Good Time.
I just got in another case of the new Stampin' Up I have extra's if  you need one...please let me know...lots of new stamp sets and inspirations...all the Goodies will make you drool.
Stampin' HUGZ

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