Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog Candy

Can you guys out there in blog land tell us what you think about blog it a good thing...bad thing...waste of time...what purpose does it serve...I see a lot of sites out there giving away blog candy...I am sure it can be expensive to do...because you have to give what people can use and it must be decent stuff...not garbage...and I am sure postage can be another huge factor...tell us what you think about this.

Have a great day.


Captain Jack said...

Greetings from the U.K.
Great blog you guys have here.
Read mine at
Great If You Read Better If You Comment
Ta Ra

Denise... said...

It definitely brings new readers who see "blog candy"! I can tell you that it's very exciting to win! I'm sure it gets expensive if you send it out very often!

The Fauth House said...

Hi there! I am in Canada. I had my first blog candy to celebrate 1,000 posts. I am doing one now (just for fun, to count down the weeks until my vacation to Seattle).

I think it is a nice way to do a RAK.

It wasn't terribly expensive for me to send my blog candy from Canada to Austrailia (about $7 CDN).


:) Domenica

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