Saturday, July 7, 2007

Congratulations Travis and Kathy

Kathy and Travis got married I didn't get a chance to do any stamping...Kathy and my daughter have been lifetime friends...and I always tell everyone that while they were growing up I always thought I had twins...since neither was ever apart from the other too long...either they were together in my home or Kathy's home...and as beautiful young women they have kept that bond tight...both my girls have married wonderful young a mother I am very...very proud of the intelligent, beautiful women they are today...Kathy's parents...John and Sandy have done a beautiful job raising their three lovely children as I have done raising my that I've patted us on the back (not that we don't deserve it)...LOL...because we do....LOL...I want to give a big shout out to Travis's best man...his twenty-two year old baby brother, Matt...who was called to Kuwait before the his sister, Heidi...stepped in to be "the best man" and read the letter from their brother that bought a tear or two to every eye in the house along with a little laughter of some very beautiful memories...we all pray and hope that he will return safely to this close knit family very soon.

As I said I didn't stamp today, but I was still crafty...I made Kathy a gift basket with all kinds of baking goodies...cake pans in different towels....cake mixes, frosting's, and biscuit came out quite nice if I may say so myself...I have another item in the works, but I have to wait till I get my pics back...I will post that when I get it completed.

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