Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Neighbours

My new neighbours moved in a few days ago and she's a stamper and crafter...I was surprised when I opened my front door this morning to go out and get my newspaper and found a basket full of goodies and a card...This is the beautiful card she left at all the neighbours front doors with a basket full of goodies...I received homemade chocolate chip cookies (YUMMO), homemade apple butter, a homemade apple/carrot bread (DOUBLE YUMMO),and some assorted candies.
I don't know what her supplies are for the looks like a cream coloured card stock and cream mulberry paper...the leaf was stamped on the mulberry paper...the stamp looks like one of those chunky sponge stamps (but I'm not sure)...the card stock was splattered in the back ground with the same coloured gold ink that the leaf was stamped with...this was a lovely surprise to receive before my morning coffee...excuse me now while I go and enjoy a slice of that apple/carrot bread and apple butter with my first cup of coffee...mmmmmmmmmmm....absolutely DELISH...LOL...thanks for stopping by.

Have a stampin' good day.

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