Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Can some one help me...I have no idea where I bought this set...or maybe I won it at one of my stampin' up classes...but I can seem to find the name of the set...the box has a #4 written on it but there are six stamps to the set...and the date on the stamps is 2004...when Carol and I first started to do stampin' up we didn't know that we weren't suppose to throw out the label on the we both have a couple of sets without the original labels...I have quite a few old and mini catty's but I can't seem to find it...I'd like to know the name and which catty it is in...any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is another Beverley redo...I hope it is better than the set from yesterday...once again my apologies for the lousy pics.
Thanks everyone...I'm going to take my medicine (sniff...sniff)...and get back to bed...have a stampin' good day.

Stampin' HUGS

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