Friday, August 3, 2012

A Smashing Good Time Pizza Partaaaay!-3

We had another fun Smashin' Good Time Pizza Partaaay! last smashin' ladies did beautiful work on their pages...and I have a couple of them to share with you this morning.
Martha's first page features a blinged out pocketbook...she loves bags...and a good friend found this sticker that had her name on go the bling.

 Martha was very productive this is her second page that she completed...she said she has a little tweaking to do on it...but the major part of the page is complete...beautiful work.

 Carol is leaving on a jet plan...and she knew that she was coming back home again to smash this...Carol couldn't find any airplane stickers or she made her plane free hand...yes she did!...and did a very good job too...she saved her tickets in a pocket held together with a fancy twine covered paperclip...yes Miss go too!...great job.

 Below is the goodies I had for the ladies to take home...they can add it to the present project or save it for future ones...they are very large Scribble Frames for a picture or to journal on...they are bright and colourful.

This is what the Scribble Frames look like once they have been cut out...they're a very nice size...and can't wait to use mine.

Here is Carol...she loves her Scribble Frames DSP.

Thanks for droppin' by this morning and sharin' another smashin' project with me...I hope you had as much fun looking at it as I had sharing it with you...thanks to my smashin' ladies for a great party...and for sharing their beautiful work...I appreciate it...I hope everyone stays cool and may you all have a smashin' good time.

Smashing HUGZ

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