Friday, August 2, 2013

My Stampin' Around Wheels Have a New Purpose

I have a wall full of Stampin' Around Wheels...but I know that I never use them enough...I always seem to look at the wall and admire them instead...I saw on Pinterest...yes I admit...I'm a stamper took hers off the wheel and mounted them...I didn't save the pin...because at the time I thought...WOW!...I'd never mess up my wheels by doing that...but sitting here early this morning and looking at that wall I thought...OK...I'll give a couple of them a try and see what happens.

I picked a Jumbo S/A Wheel and a regular one to experiment with.

  I got all the supplies together that I was going to cutting board...rubber scissors...hobby blade...and S/U Clear Mount Cling Foam.

 Then I cut away the rubber from the wheel using my hobby  blade.

I adhered the cling mount to the rubber.

It worked perfectly on the jumbo rubber ...and the regular rubber wheel images. 

Here I tried them on an acrylic block that I had...the lady on Pinterest had to cut off about a two inch piece to make them fit on her acrylic block...those two inch pieces she also mounted and used for tags and smaller images...I chose not to cut mine since I had an old block that fit both the regular and jumbo images.

 I tried to pull off the labels from the wheels but it wouldn't come off...I made my own labels and adhered them to the center of the foam will give me the name of each image...but at the same time won't interfere with it sticking to the acrylic block. 

I'm not sure how I will store them since I have so many...I have two ideas right is a binder or maybe the clear mount stamp cases...the cases will hold four Jumbo S/A images or six Regular images.

That was my little project of the day...I think I like how it turned out...I have a feeling that  I'm going to be changing all my wheels to mounted cling stamps...One thing I didn't do which I forgot was to try a builder wheel to see if that works just as well...I think it will...thanks so much for droppin' by on this beautiful day...I hope you all have a fabulous weekend...and a stampin' good time.

Stampin' HUGZ

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