Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Rock

I don't have time to stamp this morning...but I did have to do a repair on a rock that I had in the yard for the past several years...from being outside all year through the hot summers and the icy winters the colours on the rock had burned off or had become faded...I had an idea and wondered if it would work if I used my stampin' up markers to bring it back to life...and I must say it worked out beautifully...I can't put the rock back outside again, because any moisture or the sun will wash the colours away again...but it does look great just inside my front door...the colours are bright and cheery again.

I did find that when I used my markers on the rock...I had to wipe it on a paper towel after each use...the dust chips from the rock would cling to the marker...the dust chips were the cement from the rock as it started breaking down from being outside for so many years...but there wasn't any damage to my markers from this quickie project.

Well...I've gotta run...busy...busy...busy today...have a stampin' good day.


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